Building on our recent ISO 14001 accreditation achievement – setting the standard for Environmental Management Systems and reducing waste management costs and protecting the environment – we vow to continue to raise standards by joining ceda.

As specialists in design, projects and equipment for the foodservice, catering and hospitality industry, our membership means that we’re connected with the most professional, innovative and creative companies in our Industry. We will be working in conjunction with our peers to raise standards – in all that we do.

ceda promotes an atmosphere of enterprise, innovation and fair competition where Members operate ethically, encourage excellence and strive for improved standards in both their businesses and the wider Industry – and we’re thrilled to be involved. Check out recent coverage of our news in Catering Insight Magazine.

Luke Ryan, Director at Sprint Group, said:

We are passionate about our industry and determined to play our part in driving up standards. Our membership of ceda gives us a forum to do so and we are excited to have the opportunity to help the whole industry innovate and improve.