How do you get a full kitchen through a hole in the pavement? Ask Sprint!

Managing director David Ryan knew he had a real job on his hands when he made an initial site visit to the new Brasserie Blanc, formerly Chez Gerard, in Charlotte Street, London.

David takes up the story: “As the stairs to the basement, where the kitchen was located, were too narrow to carry equipment down, we had to get it all through a 80 centimetre square.

“The equipment was manufactured in sections that could fit through the hole and there was a seven foot drop from the pavement to the basement so our six guys had to be extremely careful. It took us a day to get all the equipment in then a week to fit.

“As you can imagine, I had a few sleepless nights before the project but both ourselves, and Brasserie Blanc, are delighted with the final result.”

Fortunately, Brasserie Blanc staff don’t have to negotiate those narrow stairs either as there are dumb waiters from the sparkling new kitchen to the dining area.